CoS’ Coachella prediction

on January 20, 2008, 2:17am

We’ve been covering all these festivals so much that our heads are spinning. But with a Coachella announcement coming on Monday night, Tuesday morning, we figured we should have some fun and make our own Coachella 2008 headliner predictions.

These predictions by no means are confirmations, well except for Portishead, so don’t take too much out of them. However, these are bands that have been rumored and/or would be a realistic options so they aren’t all that far fetched.

Alex’s predictions:

Friday Headliner: R.E.M.
Saturday Headliner: Portishead
Sunday Headliner: Prince

You’ll also see: Kanye West, Chemical Brothers, Weezer, The Verve, and Carlos Santana

Mike’s Predictions:

Friday Headliner: Weezer
Saturday Headliner: Portishead
Sunday Headliner: Coldplay

You’ll also see: Magnetic Fields, Jay-Z

We’ll see if we’re right come Tuesday. Feel free to make your own predictions after the jump.