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Local H – 12 Angry Months

on April 29, 2008, 10:37pm
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(Special contribution by Matt Spikes)

This just in: rock music can be made with less than five people. Hell, you don’t even need a power trio anymore. Relatively recent acts such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys have shown that three people is too damn much, Local H is a group that’s pulled off the duo musicianship since their debut, 1995’s Ham Fisted. They found their groove with their sophomore effort, 1996’s As Good As Dead and the rock radio staple, “Bound For The Floor.” You know that song repeats “You just dont get it/You keep it copasetic” about twenty times. As annoying as that’s gotten in the past twelve years (even as a fan I find those lyrics grating to the utmost), it’s interesting to see if a band with one single that people nowadays can name can still put out relevant music in 2008.

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12 Angry Months is both a return to form for the band as well as a sharp departure. The music has the same soft/loud/soft dynamic expected from other post-grunge groups. The vocals are a little strained, but the words are still crisp and easy to understand. The difference in this record versus their previous output hoever is simple: 12 Angry Months is a concept record.

Each track represents a period of time in a relationship between two people. “The One With The ‘Kid'” starts slowly and builds into distorted guitar and screaming. The record continues along at that pace through “Michelle,” “BMW Man,” and “White Belt Boys.” These three tracks set the story well and the disc doesn’t slow down until “The Summer Of Boats.” Unfortunately, thats when the disc starts to lose momentum. The story takes a negative bent, detailing a breakup and the anger and hurt that surrounds it. Granted, the lyrics to “Jesus Christ! Did You See The Size Of That Sperm Whale?” are priceless, but it’s not enough to keep the second half of the album as interesting as the first. Local H have shown that they can still write interesting music, but they should keep the number of songs to a minimum.

Local H – “Jesus Christ! Did You See The Size Of That Sperm Whale?”

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