YouTube Live: Bruce and the Hetty Schneider Band

on June 16, 2008, 9:36am

Bruce Springsteen has always provided fantastic live performance moments. And I’m not talking about concerts because, as everyone knows, a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band show is truly in a class of its own.

No, what I’m talking about is basically Bruce being Bruce – the Boss’ day-to-day life. Never a stranger to surprises, Springsteen is always willing to play wherever and whenever he deems appropriate, whether right before he’s about to take the stage in front of 70,000 screaming fans or on a much deserved day off.

After all, Springsteen has done everything from dueting with a random street artist to serenading a crowd with “Thunder Road” from the top of a balcony. Hell, he even helped out Bono when the U2 frontman had a broken arm.

BruceSpringsteen YouTube Live: Bruce and the Hetty Schneider Band

But this Youtube clip might just take the cake. Shot on May 16, 1993, the Boss is captured live crashing the Hetty Schneider Band’s performance during a private party at the Bayerischen-Hof Hotel in Munich, Germany. What results is a 10-minute performance featuring Springsteen and the party band treating fans with ruckus renditions of “Twist and Shout” and “Lucille”. And as if that weren’t enough, the Springsteen-led crowd wave and collective pogo jumps to close out the set exemplify the legendary musician can get “groovy” when necessary.

Springsteen is the definition of fun. The video below proves it.

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