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YouTube Live: Burning Airlines [in Houston]

on September 05, 2008, 11:54am

Now, I’m not going to water down the integrity of Burning Airlines’ music with the typical, superfluous adjectives that are far too often used and abused when trying to describe and/or sell a band/artist. This technique of self-righteous marketing, through wordy depiction, serves as nothing more than subtle shock value (to draw interest) like a neon sign trying to sell a linoleum stage spread, inside its slipping walls.

Music should be experienced, without bias or a preset guise.

burning airlines YouTube Live: Burning Airlines [in Houston]Just because I have a pen and an outlet, doesn’t mean my opinion is worth translating over to your own; having it be deemed credible, as so. I’m just a guy who likes music and who enjoys exposing its endless planes to other people, so they can hate it or love it, too – nothing more, nothing less.

So, with that said, here are two live videos from the wreckage that formed when the post-punk legends, Jawbox, were relinquished. I give you Burning Airlines.

Part 1:

*Outside the Aviary [from Identikit]

*Carnival [from Mission: Control!]

*Pacific 321 [from Mission: Control!]

Part 2:

*The Escape Engine [from Mission: Control!]

*Dear Hilary [from Identikit]

*Flood of Foreign Capital [from Mission: Control!]