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Watch: Kanye’s “Lockdown”

on October 07, 2008, 3:00pm

What does an African tribe, a white room, spaceships and a Sonny Crockett-looking Kanye West have in common? Well, the new video for “Love Lockdown”, of course. While the first single off of the upcoming 808s & Heartbreak took some time to grow, it’s already an easy new favorite and the video just gives it some more color.3106 23697eeaba3b21ff07908300de810e33 Watch: Kanyes Lockdown

That seems odd, given that this glossy new video is awash in whites, right? Well, as it progresses, there are some definite surprises, but we won’t ruin ’em for you. What makes this all the more exciting is that West debuted the video on our favorite day time talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show! (Can you hear my sarcasm? Please, do!) Watch the video here, or check it out below…

Oh, and if you’re already tired of this song, then surely you’re hip to Kanye’s second single, right? Better be, 808s & Heartbreak is just around the corner, coming at ya November 25th.

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