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Miracles of Modern Science – Miracles of Modern Science

on November 11, 2008, 9:30am
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Orchestral elements have always been used by bands to transform their work into something all the more epic. It is a timeless trick having been employed by everyone from The Who to Metallica and has been fully enlisted by bands such as The Arcade Fire. New Jersey’s own Miracles of Modern Science has taken this technique to a new level by creating a pop-rock sound that is entirely based around their classical instruments, pushing the standard rock requirements into the background. The result is the self proclaimed orchestral space rock that is both beautiful and epic in nature. Their debut, self titled, EP demands excellent speakers and a warning to your neighbors because the only way to listen to their first release is by turning it up, way up.

“MR2” leads things off with Kieran Ledwidge’s catchy violin section that will be stuck in your head for weeks. Two cellos and a mandolin fill things out and create the soundtrack to the story telling style of the lyrics. Grand build-ups litter the group’s musical landscape bringing you from valley to peak and back again. With the help of the two cellist’s combined with the high notes of a mandolin and violin, the epic pop song is perfected just the way the Beatles would have wanted it on “Eat Me Alive”. What is interesting to hear is the technique used by musicians, from plucking to odd bends and strains, as on the previously mentioned track. “Luminol”, a song about a desperate longing for love with a hint of bitterness and acceptance, is the stand out amongst the few selections. It carries those moments with a more predominant mandolin section that adds a touch of Appalachian roots to the music. Vocal duties are also traded, punctuated with harmonizing ooh’s and ahh’s as every string is plucked and strummed. “524” Closes things out with a western epic that includes some excellent whistling, and country guitars to go along with the running horse sound of the percussions. The send off proves that this east coast six piece can write one hell of a song in what ever style they choose be it indie pop, or civil war western.

While MOMS debut is short, is it a teaser for what is to come for the group. Given their talent and formal training the possibilities are endless, just check out the strange Dr. Seuss inspired non-EP track Didit (also available for free). By transferring the rock formula to classical instruments you create something unique. When you take those same instruments and make them the focus of your creativity, you end up with something that is new and exciting with endless possibilities. Hopefully this is not the last we here from Miracles as this EP is the proverbial tasting spoon at a Baskin Robins, you know you want more, but you have to wait.

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