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Check Out: MF Doom’s “Ballskin”

on January 16, 2009, 12:00pm

After a long stretch of nearly no Doomdom and a bunch of debunked rumors, Daniel Dumile is back with a new track, his first in what seems like forever. As you may remember, last September, we reported that the musician better known as MF Doom would be releasing a new album, apparently entitled Born Into This, the following month. Of course, as we now know this never happened.

It turns out, Doom’s long-awaited new project is still coming out, just not as quickly as we had originally hoped for. Apparently it was pushed back and is now TBD, but eventually it will be released. Exactly when though, is still unknown. Lucky for us however, we do have a taste of the new effort to share in the form of a new track entitled, “Ballskin”.  In its short minute and a half, the man behind the mask manages to pack in some of that quick stream of consciousness we are familiar with, but nothing really wows. It should be enough to get fans excited again, but really, a minute and a half of pretty typical Doom doesn’t really have a lot to work with. Hear it for yourself:

There it is. Now we just have to wait to find out when that Ghostface-Doom collab hits shelves. Here’s a more exciting sample of that:

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