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Corgan blogs, digs deeper hole…

on April 10, 2009, 5:58pm

This past Thursday, Smashing Pumpkins fans were treated to another bloated, overstated helping of Billy Corgan’s blogging. Then again, with the loss of long-time collaborator and only original member Jimmy Chamberlin, whose drumming made Zeitgeist moderately enjoyable, the bald boy wonder has a lot on his mind. One quick read-through might suggest he has a lot on his plate, too.

He starts off by exhibiting his joy and interest for the sunny confines of California (which makes us cold Chicagoans that much happier), and suggests that he’s, “made many, many mistakes through the years, and one of them is that I often rush headlong into my next album without really taking the time to reflect on what I’ve just done, and test my resolve a little on where I’m going.” One might argue that he’s missing the mark big time when it comes to his “many, many mistakes”, but it’s not like he’s going to come out and say what he should: “Well, I’m a control freak. Nobody likes working with me. I done fucked up.”

Still, he hits the marks in some places, especially as to why he’s still calling it (see: the band) the Smashing Pumpkins, especially when any future releases will be no different than his modern miracle, The Future Embrace. His argument is very similar to what we heard in last year’s documentary, If All Goes Wrong:

“There is a difference in how I think and approach a body of work for the Pumpkins then say I would as a solo artist or under any other name. Being the near lone songwriter for the Pumpkins has always made me want to put all the diverse harmonic fragments in my mind together, and it has been an incredible musical journey so far to keep trying to match up to the size of that idea.”

Call it blind optimisim, or just blatant ignorance, but he emphasizes that, “I truly am not focused on where I’ve been now as much as where I am going, and I haven’t felt that way for a very long time.” That’s good. Too bad he’s alone on this “incredible musical journey,” and that no one seems to care anymore.

That doesn’t change the fact that he’s still planning for big things to come. Starting this September, the “Pumpkins” will issue the first new song of many (possibly 44) that will eventually add up to a new album, or box set, or what have you. To top it off, he wants an artsy film to go with it, and he also thinks he has time for two other bands, including some solo stuff. That last bit might give you a headache if you try to rationalize the idea, so just nod and say, “Okay.”

Towards the end, he asks everyone to keep him in their prayers. It’s hard to formulate a response to that, but this comes close:

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