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Alas, no new Gorillaz ’til 2010

on May 22, 2009, 10:05am

Sometimes publicity is more confusing the better it gets, as is the case involving Damon Albarn and his animation creation Gorillaz. While new tracks had begun to surface earlier this year, we now get wind, via manager Chris Morrison, not to expect a new studio album until 2010. Granted, 2010 is not such a far cry anymore given we are currently riding near the middle of this year, but it has been five years since Demon Days and those of us who heard more than “Clint Eastwood” in a karaoke bar agree that it is time for fresh meat.

Adding to the confusion are claims made by Morrison (via BBC 6Music) that Albarn has “a plethora of tracks,” enough to span two album. Yet like any good cock tease the management of Gorillaz states it is unsure whether all of the material will even make it past the cutting room floor (another ‘b-sides for profit’ collection in the future perhaps?). It is current knowledge that Damon Albarn is working alongside members of his former outfit Blur for a reunion tour, so delays can be expected. Mind you we said “delays” not “prolonging a wait that could prompt titling the Gorillaz project a ‘comeback’ effort.”

Essentially, it boils down to musical landscapes and timing. No one doubts the Blur tour will sell substantially well, but if the stalemate of new Gorillaz output continues will we still care when it finally does arrive? Is the reign of the trip-hop primate over, or is this fair foreplay to yet another astounding creation from Albarn. Let us hope it is worth the wait.

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