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Brian Williams is now a music blogger

on May 11, 2009, 2:45pm

Yes, Brian Williams, the same Brian Williams who reads news for NBC on a nightly basis, is now a music blogger.

How could this be? Let’s review what we learned in “Intro to Communication” way back when.

The days of Walter Cronkite and must see nightly news are over. With the advent of CNN and the Internet, appointment television viewing is no longer required. As a result, nightly newscasts are faced with the task of reinventing themselves to attract viewers and maintain a profit, resorting to such options as online streaming, interactive viewership, and coverage of indie music.

Now, the latter may be a bit hard to believe, but is indeed true. ABC has been salivating all over hanging out with Pitchfork of late, while the aforementioned Brian Williams has apparently launched a new career as a music blogger. Aptly called BriTunes, the web-only series will see Williams showcasing up-and-coming acts, something, as the anchor explained, has been a trait of his for quite a while:

“I have always loved identifying good music and good groups — discovering them early (bar bands are best) and following them through their journey. While we’ll interview some established musicians, mostly I’d like this to be a place where people can sample some of the great music being created every day, by talented musicians who wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.”

So, which act had the honors of being featured on the inaugural BriTunes? None other than the gentlemen of Deer Tick. Check it out for yourself below, while we head out up our unemployment checks…