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Check Out: Flipper “be good”, releases new single

on May 15, 2009, 11:35am

If there’s any shred of the past that didn’t end up in a time capsule somewhere six feet buried underneath the earth, San Francisco’s legendary noise punk quartet Flipper is back for the attack. The quartet has been on and off for over twenty years since the death of original bassist and lead vocalist Will Shatter. With the exception of the band’s 1993 release American Grafishy, Flipper has remained relatively quiet…until now.

For the first time in seventeen years, Flipper is on the verge of releasing brand new tunes for the masses and why not? For a band that tried to do everything in its power to fail, they ultimately triumphed over their contemporaries with their sarcastic wit, noisy and dissonant guitars and all around copious amounts of chaos. With that being said. according to the band’s MySpace page:

The new albums are coming out on May 19th. MVD Audio is releasing world wide, except for Australia / New Zealand, where Fuse Music will release a Double CD Package. We have a new studio album we call “Love” and a live album we’re calling “Fight.” “Love” is an album of all new songs we wrote and recorded with Krist Novoselic on Bass. “Fight” is the evil twin to “Love” and was recorded live in Seattle and Portland. Jack Endino recorded and coproduced both albums.You can hear songs from the new albums streaming now on our playlist.

While Novoselic is no longer with the group, bassist Rachel Thoele joins the rest of the original lineup which includes vocalist Bruce Loose, guitarist Ted Falconi and drummer Steve DePace. Along with this, the band have released a brand new tune called “Be Good, Child!” In typical Flipper fashion, the vocals are snotty, the basslines are thick, the guitars are crunchy and its a poetic drive back into the dumpster dives of 1982. Check it out for yourself…sex bomb baby!

Check Out:
“Be Good, Child!”

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