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Iggy Pop plotting return of Raw Power lineup?

on May 21, 2009, 11:30am

Jazz isn’t the only thing on Iggy Pop‘s mind these days. According to The Australian (via The Daily Swarm), the legendary punk rocker recently met with Stooges guitarist James Williamson to discuss the prospects of reuniting the “power”-house responsible for his most celebrated effort, Raw Power.

Per Iggy (via The Australian):

“I had a meeting in LA last week with James (Williamson). It was the first time we had seen each other in 30 years. So we talked about doing something together. Raw Power would be the repertoire.”

To provide a bit background, Raw Power is the The Stooges’ diamond 1973 effort, and would mark the only release to feature the now-legendary lineup of Iggy, Williamson, Scott Asheton, and the recently deceased Ron Asheton. In 2003, Iggy & Co. reunited, sans Williamson, with a five-piece ensemble featuring Iggy and the two Ashetons, along with saxophonist Steve MacKay and bassist Mike Watt.

Of course, if Williamson were to rejoin his former bandmates, it wouldn’t be a complete reunion of Raw Power, as Ron Asheton is no longer alive. Instead, the lineup would consist of Scott Asheton on drums, Williamson on guitar – replacing Ron Asheton, and Mike Watt on bass – who replaced Williamson in 2003. Got all that?

Combine all this with the rumored Iggy Pop X-Mas album, and it certainly appears like the 62-year-old rocker is in for one busy year.

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