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Staind and company kick off affordable tour

on May 18, 2009, 1:45pm

“Wall Street got its bailout; now it’s time for rock fans to get theirs. This summer, we want to give our fans one night where they can forget about everything else and experience a great rock show.”

This is according to Staind‘s fan appreciative frontman Aaron Lewis (via Billboard), who has a history of trying to keep fans happy including his band’s presence on Reverb and various live cover song recordings. During 2009 Staind will embark on a 40-date concert tour alongside Chevelle, Shinedown, and Halestorm with ticket prices ranging from under $40 for the usual stadium and ground seating to $10 for lawn seats. While this might not be but only a half-stellar lineup, Chevelle has a strong catalog and Staind is known for their psychedelic live shows.

Adding to the remarkable pricing, Staind and company have offered various incentives to get fans even more hyped up, which is a blessing after the headliner’s less-than-satisfactory 2008 effort. Besides giving out five free tickets per venue a la Willy Wonka, the bands is offering other prizes such as backstage listen in jam sessions featuring all four bands playing together or covering each others’ songs. Think of this prize as something like MTV Unplugged: The New Batch.

The Stimulate This tour starts on July 1st at the Peoria Civic Center in Illinois before wrapping on August 30th in Philly, and considering the focus here is for bands in the generally Top 40 Modern Rock department to offer up budget efficient ticket prices one does not foresee any harm. Granted, it would be nice to see this kind of cutting and slashing on NIN/JA or Bonnaroo, but with all the free stuff Reznor churns out we are certainly not bitching too heavily.

Head over to staind.com for a full list of tour dates and info on how to take part in all the fun.

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