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Peaches – I Feel Cream

on June 10, 2009, 12:15pm
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Peaches, arguably the biggest female badass in music, has released another album and with it comes yet another classic title, I Feel Cream, containing more songs that both confuse and titillate listeners. It’s been three years since the release of Impeach My Bush and since then, more and more youngsters have come out of the woodwork to appreciate one of the most challenging and relevant electronic musicians out there. With the new album, Peaches has become a more accomplished musician, in addition to making steps towards *gasp* mainstream acceptability.

With great production and track to track consistency, I Feel Cream is a solid album front to back. That’s not to say the production value wasn’t excellent on previous efforts, it’s just noticeable here how shiny and nice this album sounds. But why? Lo and behold, a trip to Wikipedia will show that Soulwax, James Ford, and Digitalism all had hands in the album! As a result, the album’s beats are little more hip hop oriented and there’s a stronger focus on music than “scandalous” lyrics, all of which catapults Peaches into a variety of different crowds. This is a good thing. What’s more, with less reliance on guest appearances and a lack of filler tracks, Cream moves along at a great pace. And while the toned down lyrics might piss off some, the music more than makes up for it, pleasing both old and new fans alike.

“Billionaire” is one of the earliest tracks here. A little more clash than electro, the excellent track carries some great rapping and the always-appreciated vocodor, and everyone should appreciate the more-than-blatant chorus (“Fuck you like a billionaire”), too. The very dancey “I Feel Cream” borrows and distorts some recent Chemical Brothers material but builds on it, leading up to the vintage Peaches breakdown that finishes the track.

As any reader of Oedipus Rex or a psychology textbook knows, there are momma’s boys and daddy’s girls. Peaches is hip to that and “Mommy Complex” is yet another challenging song that plays with gender roles, society and other things like that. The beat in the song almost approaches hard edged but the nice balance of vocals actually evens out the track perfectly. “Lose You”, another real standout, should be placed on every heartbroken/romance mix made for the next five years. With an outstanding use of stereo, the song’s use of volume control tucks you in, though partly due to the soft and gentle vocals that seem stripped from heaven. It’s a pretty fresh tune.

While Peaches has long been a great electroclash artist and lyricist, the effect that James Ford had on this album is almost revelatory. The two’s resulting collaboration is an album that can satiate both sides of music: lyrics and sound.

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