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Britain gets two new bands…

on June 18, 2009, 11:30am

Meet The Hot Rats and Bad Lieutenant, two of the latest high-profile outfits to come out of Britain. Considering the members making up both outfits, you’ll probably want to know more about them. That’s where we come in…

The Hot Rats come in the form of a trio, consisting of Supergrass’s Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. They are currently gearing up for a debut LP consisting entirely of covers. “They are working on songs by The Kinks, Gang Of Four, Syd Barrett, Roxy Music and the Sex Pistols,” NME reports. The band hopes to release the result some time this fall.

Bad Lieutenant, on the other hand, is more about originality, something the collective of former Joy Division/New Order members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, and Phil Cunningham and Blur’s Alex James will look to illustrate when they release their debut full-length in October. Speaking of the project, which formed shortly after New Order split up in 2007, with BBC, Sumner expressed his satifaction with the result: “I’m very proud of it, it’s a very good album. It’s pretty guitary too because we’ve got three guitarists in the band.”

The Hot Rats will support their forthcoming release this summer with a few festival spots. With Alex James busy with Blur, Bad Lieutenant will have to wait a little longer to hit the road but does have plans for a fall U.K. tour and festival dates next summer.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, you are in the know.

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