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Courtney Love digs a deeper Hole…

on June 18, 2009, 12:15pm

In celebration of the band’s 11th year of not doing anything relevant, Courtney Love plans to regroup Hole. Yes, after milking the Nirvana franchise for all its worth, releasing solo albums to empty fanbases, publishing diaries everyone would rather keep hidden, and losing her own husband’s remains… Love is hitting the panic switch.

What was slated to be the follow up to her 2004 solo debut, America’s Sweetheart, Nobody’s Daughter will instead be the fifth studio album for her former grunge unit, Hole. It’s not by choice, but rather where the album took her, so she says from the studio. And if you can handle the rambling, then by all means, check out the nine-minute plus video below. However, Rolling Stone summarizes it just fine:

In a video of the studio visit, with Love fittingly surrounded by doll parts, Love said that because the scope of Nobody’s Daughter had changed — it was originally conceived as an introspective “Blood on the Tracks,” but Love now likens it closer to the bombast of Davie Bowie’s Diamond Dogs — that the return of “Rock Courtney” meant the return of Hole.

As of now, the only former member on board is bassist Melissa Auf der Maur, and only for backing vocals, too. Though Love hints that she might tag along on the inevitable supporting tour. In the meantime, guitarist Micko Larkin (of Larrikin Love) is helping out around the studio, filling Eric Erlandson’s former shoes (he must be breathing a sigh of relief). Fans should be torn; however, does she need the former members? It didn’t stop Billy Corgan, who, speak of the devil, collaborated with Love on the upcoming album.

Whether or not it’ll still be sponsored by tampons and tequila remains to be seen.

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