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Josh Homme + Mike Patton: Coming soon?

on June 25, 2009, 8:25am

In news that’s so unfathomable it probably won’t actually happen, yet so cool that we just have to write about it, Queen of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme is reportedly reaching out to Faith No More’s Mike Patton for a brand new side-project. The story comes from Rock-A-Rolla Magazine (via Metal Hammer), which quotes Ipecac Records boss Greg Werckman about the possibility: “Josh has got a new top secret project that he’s working on right now. He’s trying to get a lot of people involved in it, too, as a matter of fact he’s trying to convince Mike Patton to go out to the desert but Mike hates the desert.”

Deserts aside, Patton is currently in Europe with Faith No More, so, even if this were true, don’t expect anything anytime soon…

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