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Listen: The Honors

on June 25, 2009, 12:15pm

Some of the more successful bands of today are those that can take music that influences them and add their own sound, creating something new in the process. The result is something that feels both familiar and fresh at the same time. That result can be found in the music of The Honors.

Hailing from Boston, The Honors have managed to combine the styles of both Interpol and The Killers yet carry a harder edge to their songs than either band will ever have. They’ve stripped The Killers’ music of its electronic edge and sped up the ringing guitar sounds of Interpol to create music that sounds rough but very catchy.

l 72b520f0d8b4ebfbe6d5e217bf04d057 Listen: The HonorsSeveral of their songs also show that The Honors refuse to get tied down to any one genre. “Passing On Blue” creates the sound of The Silversun Pickups as a surf rock band, while lead singer Brandon Hiesler yells until his voice is raw. On many of their songs, it feels like Hiesler is throwing everything he’s got into his performance.  By the end, he almost sounds tired but defiantly won’t rest until the last note is played.

“Knees and Elbows” has arena rock written all over it. It’s one of  the band’s strongest tracks, as a strong drum and bass combo supports lead guitarist Andrew Bayardi’s excellent playing.  There are about three different riffs that could each support a song on its own. The bridge allows the drums to bask in the spotlight for a few seconds before the rest of the band slams back into the finale.

The Honors not only play fast, they also write fast. Their second EP, Wasted Places, will be released on July 24th, less than a year after their first EP, Ghosts hit the web.  Now, if the band can keep the impressive melodies coming for their future releases, it won’t be long before they get the success they deserve.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
06/25 – Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s
06/29 – Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East Upstairs
07/10 – Northampton, MA @ 10 on the 10th Festival
07/11 – Danbury, CT @ City Ale
07/16 – Stamford, CT @ Alive at 5 Festival
07/24 – Allston, MA @ The Pill at Great Scott
07/25 – Fairfax, VA @ Fat Tuesday’s
07/31 – New York, NY @ The Bitter End

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