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mp3 Remix: Friday Mixtape LIX

on June 05, 2009, 3:15pm

Next week, anyone with a shred of sense will be traveling to Manchester, Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Ok, so maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but a lot of people will be going, including yours truly, many CoS staff members, and a slew of the publicists and artists who supply us with the mp3s needed to create the Friday Mixtape each and every week. Needless to say, creating a new Friday Mixtape for next week isn’t going to be all that easy, and thus, we’ve made the decision to scrap next week’s edition and resume the week after.

Now that we’ve explained all that, we present you with something to hold you over – after all, we’re talking 14 days here. So, we did our absolute best to make this week’s Friday Mixtape extra special. Enjoy.

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