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We Are The Fallen strives to prove otherwise

on June 25, 2009, 9:05am

Though there are exceptions, most band members with dazzling female fronters become fodder in the long run, eventually labeled “hired guns” by the fans and concertgoers alike. Just ask No Doubt’s Tony Kanal. Such a fate was Ben Moody’s, former axeman and co-founder for nu-metal unit Evanescence. Having left the band in 2003, singer Amy Lee carried on with the trademark name, replacing Moody, without a skip in her beat. This week, Moody returns with the aptly titled, We Are The Fallen, and he’s sporting one shiny line up — including another female star.

That star is American Idol Season 7 finalist Carly Smithson. The starlet came to the band earlier this year, when Moody, alongside former Evanescence pals Rocky Gray and John Le Compt, in addition to bassist Marty ‘OBrien, started jamming to fresh, new material. Things gelled fast and this week the band released their first song, “Bury Me Alive” via their official site. And instead of going way of the traditional “album release,” We Are The Fallen is taking notes from Billy Corgan, and plans to continue this song-by-song release schedule, with the second track due out September.

“I just think we live in an instant gratification world where bands need to hit quicker,” Moody tells Billboard. “The great thing about “Bury Me Alive” is it was mastered on a Friday and released on a Monday. We’re not tired of listening to it in our cars yet. And as far as fans go, you won’t see us disappear for a year and a half or sometimes three years so we can write and record an album. You’re gonna get the absolute heart and soul of our creativity, and you’re going to get that immediately. That way every song matters, and I think the music will be better that way.”

An actual album could hit sometime in 2010, though given the band’s early stages, one might want to wait and see how that turns out. In terms of the band’s overall sound and style, however, Moody insists that this is not Evanescence, a band he’s not too fond of, naturally.

“There’s not really an Evanescence now,” Moody continues. “It’s Amy Lee playing as Evanescence with a bunch of other guys hired to play our parts. And she’s amazing — an incredible front person, a great songwriter, an incredible singer. There’s no reason we can’t both exist in the world. Musically, we’re going in completely different directions.”

We Are The Fallen plans to tour soon, with dates forthcoming. Stay tuned.

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