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Grape Juice Records celebrates fifth anniversary, wants you to design t-shirt

on July 16, 2009, 4:35pm

This year will mark the fifth anniversary of Chicago based Grape Juice Records — they’re the label of such fine acts as The Minneapolis Henrys, The Butcher’s Boy and The Lower 48 — and to celebrate, it’s throwing a big shindig. On September 3rd, Grape Juice will hit Chicago’s Double Door for an all night celebration featuring the aforementioned acts, as well as Phillip Morris, Curtis Evans, Sohadto, Squaaks, Go Long Mule and Inchworm.

Cool, right? Well, it gets better. Grape Juice has teamed up with for a little contest of sorts. They’re looking for folks to design their anniversary t-shirts and are offering a pretty nifty price pack to the person who comes up with the best one. Included will be $200, a $100 gift certificate, a free one-year Zip Car membership and $100 worth of Zip Car driving and the honor of being “recognized as a total bad-ass in all the post-contest press releases and advertising.” Oh yeah, and then there’s some part about being presented your shirt in front of everyone during the September 3rd show at the Double Door.

So, design away… and pick up your tickets at Or, you could just be a total spazz…

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