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The Beatles unveil its new Vision

on July 14, 2009, 10:05am

You still can’t buy ’em love, but for a hefty fee, you’ll be able to buy ’em all — their records, of course. This September, your ticket to ride The Beatles’ re-mastered catalog comes in both digital and CD format. But wait, it’s only getting better.  In anticipation of the bad boy release, Apple Corps Ltd. will release an accompanying book — err, box set — of artwork, historical information, and what have you, all to make fans hippy hippy shake. Or make you feel fine, at least better than the night before.

We’re just getting started with the puns, folks.

Titled The Beatles Box of Vision, the timely gift set features a variety of goodies that should leave you crying,beatlesbox The Beatles unveil its new Vision waiting, and hoping for the new re-mastered sets. What’s in store, exactly? For starters, there’s a 200-page book, chock full of the group’s original LP artwork — restored, of course. Everything from front covers to back covers, gatefolds to inserts, Apple Corps has you covered. They know this is for no one else but the fans.

And your bird can sing louder as it only gets better. Also included is the “Catalography”, which features photos, text and track-listings, and an exclusive essay by Beatles historian Bruce Spizer. But don’t say good night just yet. There’s also a storage book for those purchasing the CD sets, something that will no doubt help organize things. Let’s just hope it can carry that weight.

All of this will be housed in a 13″ x 13″ box, covered in black linen and spammed with Beatles logos and faux LP spines — something that would make Eleanor Rigby envious. Okay, that last one was just cheap, but the set certainly isn’t. At 80 bucks, you’re likely to not only hide your love away, but your savings, too. That last one’s on the house.

To get a glimpse at the set, visit the official site, where you can pre-order this, too. The re-mastered releases hit the streets (and the net) September 9th.

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