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DJ /Rupture keeps it local with Solar Life Raft

on August 04, 2009, 11:15am

If you’re familiar with Jace Clayton, aka DJ /Rupture, then by now you’re well aware of his incredible career. Truth be told, the guy gets around. When he’s not DJing in the 30 or so countries he frequents, he’s either “slumming” it in Barcelona, or working in radio (a la John Peel) and magazines (The Wire). To keep up his credit, and retain some creative energy (or is it endurance?), Clayton’s shacked up with New York-based and internationally vibrant producer Matt Shadetek on his latest forthcoming release.

The new record’s called Solar Life Raft, and unlike Clayton’s recent work, the project brings the DJ back home, all the way to Brooklyn. Clayton cites the recession as a catalyst for this homecoming, insisting that “keeping local saves money.” That explains the likes of Shadetek and other local artists Gang Gang DanceTelepathe, and remixing mastermind Jahdan Blakkamoore, who all brought in their piece of mind.

Clayton’s collaboration with Shadetek should prove interesting. Aside from his genre bending work, world-renowned accolades in producing, and his two studio records (Burnerism and Pale Fire), Shadetek founded Dutty Artz Records last year with Clayton, and the two appear to have hit it off, which makes for an exciting story on record.

That story will have to wait ’til November 10th, however, when Solar Life Raft hits the market via Agriculture. Though, this is hardly a standard release. In addition to the physical album, there will be a digital-only compilation titled Solar Life Raft: The Ingredients, which offers a selection of tracks in unmixed form, offering producers and DJ’s in training a look at the transformation of the original sounds — a sort of “Making Of”, if you will.

It’s an exciting autumn for DJs everywhere, apparently.

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