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He’s a real… Nowhere Boy?

on August 05, 2009, 9:05am

Nobody wants a movie made about The Beatles. It’s unnecessary. Fans can watch A Hard Day’s Night, Help, or — if they’re feeling frisky — Yellow Submarine. Those three alone provide enough of a glimpse into the comedy and drama that was the Fab Four’s life: screaming girls, deep sea expeditions, and one annoying drummer. But, when you take the parts from the whole, it’s then that a story emerges, and what better place to start than with the late John Lennon.

That’s the mindset behind director Sam Taylor-Wood, the English conceptual artist behind the upcoming Lennon bio-pic, titled Nowhere Boy. Stuffed with a cast of overseas talent, including Kristin Scott Thomas (best known for the 1996 yawnfest, The English Patient), the film plans to tackle Lennon’s early life, specifically his relationship with his Aunt Mimi. The real selling point is that it’s written by Matt Greenhalgh, who was responsible for the unbelievable Ian Curtis-focused picture, 2007’s Control.

“For the past year I have lived and breathed this film,” Taylor-Wood tells Billboard.com. “It’s been one of the most transforming experiences of my life.”

This experience — err, film — makes its debut come October, when it closes the Times BFI London Film Festival. Two months later, in December and just in time for Christmas, Icon Film Distribution will release the film in the U.K. Considering the “uber-successful-as-of-late” Weinstein Co. owns the rights, too, we can expect a U.S. release to follow shortly after.