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Interview: Benny Horowitz (of The Gaslight Anthem)

on August 28, 2009, 3:15am

A few weeks back, The Gaslight Anthem kicked off the three-day weekend that was Lollapalooza. In all honesty, it should have been a miserable time. Rain hit hard, the sun hid away, and grey, hopeless skies promised only that… grey, hopeless skies. Still, a performance by Gaslight is a performance by Gaslight, and despite the weather and conditions (and the fear that the remaining days would be just like this), rock ‘n’ roll prevailed. People were soaked, sure, but hardly anyone had time to complain, not when today’s favorite Jersey boys were on-stage singing about ferris wheels, ol’ white Lincoln’s, and stuff that’d make Papa Springsteen proud.

People have every right to flock and worship this band. Well, not worship, but appreciate. After all, when’s the last time someone sang about something so old-fashioned without coming off as either a hack or a has-been? And don’t point fingers to Jon Bon Jovi, either. The truth is, The Gaslight Anthem is a band to get behind, and if you’re not spinning their scant discography, you’re likely to pass by their set and bob your head a bit. Hell, that’s what a good portion of the crowd did three Friday’s ago.

Anyhow, after the wet set (hey, a rhyme!), we had a chance to hang out with drummer Benny Horowitz. Although he’s not the brainchild behind the band’s tunes, he carries just as much heart and soul as any of the other three. And trust us, when we say he’s a Jersey boy, we’re being serious. This guy lives and breathes the Garden State, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that…

All Point West … what happened?


Have you realized just how big you’ve become?


Do you still feel you’re in the punk community?


How did you come together?


When you were recording The ’59 Sound, did you realize how good it would be?


The Springsteen experience …


Do you like playing festivals?

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