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Interview: Michael Angelakos (of Passion Pit)

on August 17, 2009, 3:15am

If you haven’t heard Passion Pit yet, please close this browser and do yourself some justice by picking up their recent debut (this year’s Manners) now. It’s okay, we have spare time. Reason being, it might just be 2009’s hottest and most entertaining release. It’s sleek, it’s shiny. In fact, it’s the music equivalent to that feeling you get when using conditioner on coarse, rough hair. Not that that’s ever happened to anyone on the CoS staff, but y’know…

Anyhow, amidst all our journalistic chaos at Lollapalooza, we managed to snag the group’s principal songwriter and brainchild, Michael Angelakos, for a chat. It was brief, sure, but then again, here’s a busy guy that only a year ago was playing to 30 to 40 people — only now he’s entertaining 30 to 40 thousand, on a really good day. Is that a surprise, though? With a strong arsenal of dance-hits (“The Reeling” and “Sleepyhead” might cure cancer), nobody should be aloof as to why these Cambridge class acts have the world by the balls– err, dancing shoes.

Just listen to the damn thing…

How are you dealing with all the success that has come so quickly?


Before you made the EP, were you just playing around w/ any instruments you could get a hold of?


What were your favorite albums growing up?


Writing new material, let’s go through the steps:


How did you translate into the live setting?


Did Christine like the EP?

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