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Rammstein may be marching to your city!?!?

on August 21, 2009, 12:35pm

Bands like Rammstein and events like Download Festival always make us wish we lived in Europe, don’t they? The fire, the spectacle, and the things bands can do on stage dwarf United States allowances by a big margin, and that is why Europe has Rock Am Ring and we have a shitload of corporate-sponsored “arenas” with restrictions up the wazoo. (How do you ban moshing at a metal show, exactly?) Things like this have kept our favorite German industrial metal outfit Rammstein from spreading the pyrotechnic brutality of its sets westward — until now.

Noisecreep (thanks Metal Injection) gave us this recent handy quote from guitarist Paul Landers:

“The idea is to tour everywhere in the world and we haven’t toured in the States in a long time, and we want to do that.  The tour is planned for three years and the main difficulty with the U.S. is getting the stage stuff over there by airplane. We have to deal with a compromise, since in Europe, we play to 10,000 to 20,000 people, while in the States, we play to close to 2,000 people.”

According to Landers, problems with booking stem in part from the Great White club fire incident years ago. Incidents like these have steered club owners and venues from bringing in large displays of explosive bombast, including Rammstein, for some time. Now it seems Rammstein wants to try and curtail the issue with a diet version of the band’s typical performance, so get excited and start revisiting that Volkerball live DVD in anticipation.

“If people from the States want to see a real Rammstein show, I recommend coming to any show in Europe to see a real show from us”

Until we can all afford those infamous tickets to Amsterdam… in the words of Trivium, it may be nearing time to “fucking explode” (well, almost).

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