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What is to become of U2’s claw?

on August 17, 2009, 8:15am

Q. What is to become of U2‘s mammoth 390-ton, £15m claw used by the band on its currently ongoing 360 tour that David Byrne hates so much but which U2 defends since, as Edge recently said, “I think anybody that’s touring is going to have a carbon footprint,” and because it allows all 80,000+ who attend each show to get a pretty decent view of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (complete w/ Joe Strummer shout out)?

A. There’s actually three claws to be exact and they quite possibly could either become permanent concert pavilions, venues for the 2012 Olympics, or something entirely different that has yet to be mentioned and makes any post on this story, like the one you’re currently reading right now (though I was able to include a link of U2 covering The Clash… so that does make this post totally worth it), a complete waste of time.

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