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Paul Westerberg issues EP tomorrow…

on September 21, 2009, 6:33pm

In last minute news for your trek home, Paul Westerberg will be releasing a brand new EP tomorrow. Titled PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys, the six track effort amounts to a lovely 24 minute listen. Judging from the 30-second samples, fans can expect more demo-like tracks, similar to last year’s 49:00, though a bit fuller in nature. “Drop Them Gloves” brings back the band, while “Love on the Wing” puts Westie behind the piano again. In other words… this should be a lovely 24 minute listen.

In all respects, the EP really comes off as a surprise. Ever since he put out last year’s MP3-only 49:00, Westerberg’s been rather reclusive, shelling out one raw song after another. He was on a roll for awhile, but he’s kept quiet since December’s incredibly raw, holiday release, D.G.T., which seemed more or less like an outtakes suite. In retrospect, it’s been a long year for Westerberg/Replacements fans.

But, to quote Paul, “time flies tomorrow.”

You can order the EP via Amazon.

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