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Watch: Thom Yorke’s “The Hollow Earth”

on September 21, 2009, 10:44am

Ah, Thom Yorke… you never cease to amaze us. Whether its some random digital release, popping up in werewolf and vampire movies, or throwing out 12″ records, the quirky Brit knows how to win a hipster’s heart. This shouldn’t come off as too much of a surprise, though; after all, we did warn you about some upcoming solo stuff to look out for, and it’s not like we haven’t heard new stuff from the guy lately. So, how about some visuals?

Radiohead’s never been one to cheapen out on a good music video, even when they’re hiring fans. That’s why it only makes sense that Yorke would team up with the likes of popular graffiti artist, Banksy. If you’ve ever seen his cool books in an Urban Outfitters or if you’re just familiar with modern art, you’ll know how jaw dropping his rebellious work can be. Now we know one of two things, that Yorke’s a regular at Urban Outfitters, or he’s just really up to date with the modern art scene. We’re leaning on the latter.

With the video for “The Hollow Earth”, it’s a whole Banksy medley, which starts and stops to the rhythmic electronic beats, provided by Yorke, naturally. Filmmaker Raymond Salvatore Harmon lends his hand with the video, too, creating an oddly haunting, semi-apocalyptic-styled montage that puts everything…in…its…right…place.

Major kudos, Yorke.

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