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JFal scores another reunion… Jawbox

on October 08, 2009, 9:00am

You gotta give it to Jimmy Fallon, folks. He’s had a hard year filling in the shoes for Conan O’Brien and while some may disagree, he’s been doing a pretty kick ass job. From Head Swap’s to an appearance by Sunny Day Real Estate, JFal’s been on a roll — and he’s yet to slow down. This time around, he’s bringing back D.C. hardcore legends, Jawbox.

The reunion and one-off performance (so far) is a big deal, as the group hasn’t played a show in over 12 years. Though, what better time than now, really? With a reissue of their 1994 major label debut, For Your Own Special Sweetheart, hitting streets November 23rd, plenty of fans — both old and new — will have ample time to familiarize themselves with the tunes before the band’s December 8th late night appearance.

But really, why wait? Go to town below!

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