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List ‘Em Carefully: Top 10 Songs About Writing

on October 18, 2009, 8:00am
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10. “Losing It” – Rush (1982)

rush 1978 List Em Carefully: Top 10 Songs About Writing

We’re starting things off with a classic. Rush is the true music nerd’s band. With complex, often strange arrangements and lyrical content, Rush is for serious enthusiasts only. Here, Rush makes a stand against some of that and try to paint a truly poetic picture to break anyone’s heart. They compare the life of a washed up ballerina looking for her lost fame, who finds only “the echoes of old applause” as “she limps across the floor”, to a washed up writer in the midst of heavy writer’s block. Geddy Lee and company eschew the old logic of, “better to have loved and lost than ever loved it all.” instead they proclaim “sadder still to watch it die/than never to have known it”. For a band as grandiose as Rush, this song tends to swing toward the corny side. And ending it with a Hemingway title (For Whom The Bell Tolls) surely doesn’t help. But as for as metaphors go, being compared to a dancer isn’t so bad for writers.

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