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New Foo Fighters’ song, “Word Forward”, word for word

on October 28, 2009, 2:30pm

Initially upon hearing that the Foo Fighters were releasing a greatest hits compilation, two things came to mind: “Why bother?” and “What’s going to be the pusher single?”. After cribbing The Offspring’s practice space idea from “Can’t Repeat”, dressing it up in tokens of expensive memorabilia, and delivering the nostalgia-riddled “Wheels” — the Foo Fighters have gone the extra mile and given us a second new track titled “Word Forward”. The song that is meant to be commentary on the might of a pen winds up short on ink about one and a half minutes in.

This song is filler, word for word (aren’t puns clever?) and without an ounce of shame behind it. We know Grohl is far more capable of lyrical prowess than this, we have seen it since day one post-Nirvana. Lately, it seems the Foo Fighters are still riding the coattails of Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace b-sides with a glaze of mock Petty. That said, “Wheels” is a tad infectious and we cannot deny its overall charm as being a fresh Foo track.

“Word Forward” on the other hand, is better suited to one of those $.99 cassette tape singles you see hocked at gas stations under the moniker of “impulse purchase”, and not the good kind of voluntary impulse. You know, the one that leaves you with a king size Snickers and a cheap fake rose to save your ass from sleeping on the couch with headphones knee-deep in Hinder’s “Better Than Me”.

Harsh? Not so much as this song… word for word for word (it never gets old).

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