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Rivers Cuomo to team with Katy Perry for magical writing collabo

on October 15, 2009, 10:45am

It’s no secret that Weezer‘s forthcoming studio album has been met with a bit of ‘tude. After all, the title, the cover, and the appearance of Weezy have all been the butt of jokes, while the band’s increasingly mainstream pop sound has led some to cringe in horror. But others welcome that change as the band stretching their creative wings. And now they’re stretching them so far that lead singer Rivers Cuomo is about to make sweet musical magic with one Katy Perry. How’s that for rad?

In an interview with Buzznet (via Pitchfork), the man behind “El Scorcho” said during a round of word association that he’d be entering the studio to do some writing and possibly recording with the girl behind “Ur So Gay” within the next week or so for her sophomore effort (well, if you don’t count that gospel record as being her first). He also shares thoughts on everything from internet lingo and blogs (both “stupid”) and even Megan Fox (to which he doesn’t know who that is). Oh Rivers.

As per more Raditude news, the band’s iTunes pass launched October 13th. Users who pay $19.99 can get loads of weekly material from now until November 24th, including the cover of the Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” and the deluxe version of Raditude. And if that weren’t sweet enough, you can pre-order your own Weezer-brand Snuggie, the Wuggie.

As to what kind of wonders we can expect from the guru of geek rock and Mrs. I Kissed A Girl, we’ll keep you updated.

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