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Update: Pulp reunion “not true”

on October 27, 2009, 10:05am

On October 18th, Jarvis Cocker was asked by if there was a possibility that his legendary band, Pulp, would reunite for the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Glasonbury Music Festival. The frontman responded saying the following: “Glastonbury means an awful lot to me, I would love to play there again. We’ve talked about it, there we go, there’ll be a band reunion.

Obviously, these comments proved to be a big deal, and picked up quite a bit of steam over the weekend (see NME‘s headline: “Jarvis Cocker: ‘Pulp could reunite for Glastonbury 2010′”.) Unfortunately, the fun has come and gone and Mr. Cocker has returned to burst everyone’s bubble (via a recent interview with Teletext):

“I can categorically tell Teletext that Pulp have no plans to get back together,” Jarvis says. “Someone asked me if I fancied playing at the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury, I said yes, they twisted that into a ‘Pulp reform’ story. It’s not true.”

Alas, at least we have dreams of Muse and Bon Jovi still alive.

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