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Watch: Julian Casablancas brings the “11th Dimension” to Conan

on October 28, 2009, 9:35am

In what will be the first of many upcoming performances in Los Angeles, Strokes frontman turned solo extraordinaire Julian Casablancas took to The Late Show with Conan O’Brien last night (Oct. 27) to introduce America, well at least those outside of the blogosphere who haven’t been eagerly anticipating Julian’s solo debut for months now, to “11th Dimension”, the first single off his forthcoming Phrazes for the Young.

Writing of the single back when it first leaked, our own Editor in Chief Michael Roffman described it as a “spacey throwback” that is “fun, frisky, and quite adventurous. It shifts, it rattles, and it glides. Even if he’s subdued by synthesizers and digital bass-beats, Casablancas sounds as natural as ever.” If last night’s performance reflected anything, it was that the aforementioned words also prove true when it comes to a live setting. It might not be The Strokes, but the fact is, Julian Casablancas is as strong as ever… both on record and in live performance.

Phrazes for the Young hits stores on November 3rd via Cult Records/RCA.

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