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Blaqk Audio readies sophomore release

on November 11, 2009, 12:15pm

While AFI may be on a kick of love and pop-rock with Crash Love, lead singer Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget are planning to continue to put out music with their electro side-project Blaqk Audio.

In an interview with, Puget said the duo have already written, recorded, and mixed the followup to 2007’s CexCells. Bright Black Heaven will be released just after after the boys finish the tour for Crash Love (you know, this one), which is currently set to end on March 1st at the Soundwave Fest.

“Whenever we’re done touring on this (Crash Love), we’ll immediately put it out,” Puget said.

Puget also revealed that the new album will be much more drum and bass heavy than the first album, which came about after Puget began to mess around with sounds and Havok’s voice during his free time.

“I write the entire song from top to bottom,” Puget said, “then send it to Davey and he writes the lyrics. We kind of keep it in the family”. “I usually have the songs, after I’m done, mixed by someone”. “I don’t want the whole thing to be so insular. I find that if someone else does the final mix they’re gonna pick up stuff that you don’t even realize because you’re so involved in the songs yourself.”

Of course, the eager musical beaver that Puget is already foresees a problem. He admits he’s written an additional 70 songs for the band, and Bright Black Heaven, despite being complete, could undergo a massive shift before its release.

“We’ll be the first band to put out a box set for our second record,” Puget added.

More details on that release as they come in.

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