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Brand New comes homeward bound (11/28)

on November 30, 2009, 3:15pm

November 28th held much in store for Brand New fanatics who made their way to Long Island for the band’s homecoming show. With an epic line-up of Glassjaw, Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine, Brian Bonz, ROBBERS, Vinnie Caruana, and Andy Jackson, the Nassau Coliseum event wrapped up their cross-country tour (that even trekked to Montreal and Toronto for three shows) that began on October 1st. Since Brand New is originally from Levittown, about 15 minutes from the Coliseum, the band was sure to close its tour in a fantastic fashion for its fans at home.

Thrice, one of the many opening acts, distinguished itself by playing several songs off of its new album, Beggars, released this past August. Songs like “All the World Is Mad”, with catchy beats and Kensrue’s enticing vocals, hooked the crowd — even those who hadn’t heard the album prior. Thrice was also sure to please its old fans by playing some classic tunes such as “The Artist and the Ambulance”, a song that many immediately started chanting along to.

Next up was Glassjaw, delivering an impeccable show. With suave Daryl Palumbo taking the stage in a pristine button-down and slicked back hair, at first it was hard to believe so much voice could come from one person. Once the first chord struck, Palumbo showed off not only his incredible vocal talent but his insane stage presence that led to an extremely rough but energized crowd. Several songs on the setlist included, “Ape dos Mil”, “(You Think You’re) John Fucking Lennon”, and “Tip Your Bartender”. Also from Long Island, this brilliant post-hardcore band put on one hell of a show for its fans from home.

Quick to recapture the crowd’s energy from Glassjaw’s performance, Brand New took to the dimmed stage and began with “Welcome to Bangkok”, an instrumental that slowly built up and got the crowd revved as the band launched into “Sink”, a song off Daisy, its new LP. Slowing back down again, the band then played, “Degausser,” from its 2006 album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.

brandnew15 Brand New comes homeward bound (11/28)

Brand New is one of those unpredictable bands that is always experimenting with new sounds. Its album Daisy, released on September 22nd, certainly is distinguishable from the outfit’s previous entries. With a more post-hardcore sound (although not quite), the album carries a dismal but incredible vibe unlike Deja Entendu and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. In only two months the LP has already garnered some large accomplishments, including selling over 46,000 records its first week and reaching #6 on the Billboard 200, making this tour in support of the album even more exciting for the boys from Long Island.

After performing an emotional “You Won’t Know”, Brand New played a string of songs from Deja Entendu, the 2003 LP that first sparked the group’s immense popularity. Many of the remaining songs had a backdrop with images projected above the stage. Some were disturbing (like a bloody child holding a knife), while others were just eerie (like spiders and sperm cells). Although strange, the depictions captured the sense of the new album rather accurately.

Brand New also used its homecoming show to help out the local charity Island Harvest, an organization for hunger relief on Long Island. By offering for sale two limited edition posters (one with only a run of 250 pieces) to fans who brought two cans of food for the organization, Island Harvest left the Coliseum with many cans for the hungry. In addition, several other local charities will receive the earnings from the poster sales.

Eighteen songs and an hour and a half later, Brand New offered up its last song, “Seventy Times 7”, from its first LP, Your Favorite Weapon, to close out its long-awaited homecoming show. As singer and guitarist Jesse Lacey said, “Everywhere we’ve been, everything we’ve done, wouldn’t have been possible if it didn’t start right here at home.” It seemed only appropriate for the group to end a great tour with one of its first songs — to remind us of Brand New’s evolution since its humble beginnings on Long Island.

Welcome To Bangkok
You Won’t Know
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t
Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades
Sowing Season
You Stole
In A Jar
The Archers Bows Have Broken
Jesus Christ
Bought A Bride
At The Bottom
Play Crack The Sky
Seventy Times 7

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