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Check Out: Spoon’s “Mystery Zone”

on November 04, 2009, 1:34pm

My old mentor once said that it’s unfair to throw Spoon into any sort of “Best Of” list because everything Britt Daniel touches turns to gold. While that’s not exactly true (“The Ghost of You Lingers”, anyone?), it’s pretty damn close. Seems Mr. Daniel’s track record remains spot-on, that is if new track “Mystery Zone” is any indication.

It starts out immediately. With a fingering bass, some short guitar chords, and a steady drum beat, the minimal songwriting works wonders once again. As Daniel sings, “To the mystery zone,” keyboard fills sync up and flesh out the tune’s backbone. A good chummy song that’s balanced, bouncy, and driving. What more do you want from Spoon? Rhetorical question, folks.

You’ll find this track, and ten others, on the group’s seventh LP, Transference, due out January 25th (via Merge). Or, you can check out The Hype Machine (via Pitchfork).

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