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Dr. Dre partners with Best Buy to bring DJ culture to Average Joe

on November 11, 2009, 1:00pm

We can take Dr. Dre’s new album being delayed because we know that the creative process is a cold, heartless mistress. But now that we’ve gotten a whiff (thanks to of why things may have been slightly set back, we’re a little disappointed, but slightly interested about how America’s favorite doctor is shifting the whole DJ culture.

In a partnership with Monster Cable and Beats by Dr. Dre, Best Buy is launching an in-store Club Beats section. Undoubtedly riding the wave of DJ Hero, the partnership will open seven full “experiential” areas in stores across the U.S. Other stores will also get in on the magic, but with less products to shill. As to what kids and grannies in America can experience at Club Beats, they’re promising patrons can sample the latest audio and DJ equipment, turntables and headphones, and mixing software. The point, at least according to Best Buy, is to take the elitism out of the whole scene.

“It may not be simple to find these products in a mainstream environment-either you have to know what you need, or you have to talk to someone who is in the industry,” said Wendy Fritz, senior VP of merchandising for mobility for Best Buy. “What we’re trying to say is ‘Hey, you can do this,’ and when they come into the store our Blue Shirts can say ‘These are the three or four products you need to get started'”.

Club Beats will be promoted with shows featuring the Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.Am, Lady Gaga, and Dre himself. For a list of events at stores across the country, head here.

Now, please, back to the lab, Dre.

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