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Fall Out Boy announces a “break”… with emphasis on break

on November 19, 2009, 11:20am

Tons of bands have been pulling rank and deciding to take a break for solo projects or to cool down the musical fire. Whether it’s patient zero of TV On The Radio or even the Boss himself, something’s going around. The latest victim? None other than pop-punk giants Fall Out Boy.

The rumors of a break began to circulate earlier this week amidst claims that the band had hit a creative roadblock and after drummer Andy Hurley tweeted that the he and his fellow members were on a hiatus (which was later changed to “break”). Not surprisingly, all this cause a few fans to eventually lose their cool. So, in hopes of answering the question once and for all, guitarist Pete Wentz spoke with MTV yesterday to reveal that Fall Out Boy is indeed on a break. A break… not a hiatus.

“I don’t think I would use the word ‘hiatus’ because I think that word has gotten a dirty name, especially if you say ‘indefinite hiatus… I wouldn’t use the word ‘breakup’ because that’s not true. It’s a break – we’re decompressing. I’m making a new term for it: we’re decompressing right now. We’ve been doing this for eight years straight, where it was pre-recording, record, promo, tour, tour, pre-recording, record, tour, tour, and our band was going to imminently implode.”

The band’s spokesperson further emphasized that Fall Out Boy is not on a hiatus, stating to NME, “It’s a break with an indefinite date when they’re coming back.” To think, all this over a little linguistic snafu.

Ironically, Fall Out Boy recently relived its last eight years with the release of Believers Never Die: Greatest Hits, on Novemeber 17th. It should help ease your wait until that hiatus, er, break is over.

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