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The Stooges to hit the studio before reunion tour?

on November 09, 2009, 2:30pm

If you believe Iggy Pop’s recent comments to BANG Showbiz (via Spinner), The Stooges’ forthcoming reunion will not only include a “full tour,” but also a trip to the studio.

“James Williamson is really hot to trot and there’s a lot of old stuff that the Stooges failed to record,” Iggy explained. “We wrote a load of songs that we only ever played live, so I’m looking forward to doing some studio recordings.”

The Stooges’ last studio release with Williamson on guitar came some 36 years ago, that being the acclaimed Raw Power, the album which the band is about to revive. In the years follow its release, the band would breakup only to reform in 2003 (sans Williamson) and release The Weirdness in 2007.

Iggy gave no additional details on what the legendary rockers might record other that they plan to do so prior before hitting the road.

In other news, Iggy & Co. made their first live appearance at the Planeta Terra Festival in Brazil over the weekend. Video evidence below.