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Toro Y Moi preps full-length debut for next February

on November 25, 2009, 2:30pm

If you’ve been checking out our mp3 Mixtapes for the past few months, you may have noticed one name showing up a few times on the list: Toro Y Moi. This time, however, the band’s appearance on CoS doesn’t relate to a cool remix or cover of “Human Nature”, but rather because of the forthcoming release of its debut album, Causers of This. The record will drop on February 23rd through Carpark Records.

Mixing together a laundry list of genres, including R&B, Indie Rock, Electronica, and Psychedelica, Toro Y Moi seem determined to run circles around categorization. The debut effort reflects this notion, combining funky guitar play, pumping digital rhythms, and vocal harmonies in an attempt to create something truly original. While this is ambitious for a band, it’s even more so considering Toro Y Moi is solely the work of Chaz Bundick. Yep, Toro Y Moi is just one dude.

Bundick started the project in 2001 after his stab at a punk band failed. Influenced by his parent’s vinyl collection as much as Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, and Daft Punk, Bundick soon brought Toro Y Moi to the live stage. Despite having no full-length releases, the band has already been the subject of features in both Pitchfork and NME. And not yours truly. Not bad for a new artist!

Check Out:

Causers of This Tracklist:
01. Blessa
02. Minors
03. Imprint After
04. Lissoms
05. Fax Shadow
06.  Thanks Vision
07. Freak Love
08. Talamak
09. You Hid
10. Low Shoulders
11. Causers Of This

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