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Update: Steven Tyler isn’t quitting Aerosmith

on November 11, 2009, 9:19am

Dear Mr. Steven Tyler, frontman of the rock band called Aerosmith:

We’re really happy that you’ve decided to remain with your band, but was the drama associated with the decision all that necessary? You see, just hours after you reportedly decided to leave the Boston outfit, (because you were on the “Pineapple Express”) and your former bandmates had already begun searching for your replacement, you, Mr. Tyler, decided to make a surprise appearance at Joe Perry’s solo performance in New York last night to announce that you weren’t really leaving the band. “I just want New York to know, I am not leaving Aerosmith,” you said (via NME), before turning to Perry and stating: “And Joe Perry, you are a man of many colors but I, motherfucker, am the rainbow!” Then, you led Perry & Co. in a rendition of “Walk This Way”.

As Seth and Amy would say, really, Steven? Really… really… really?

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