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VHS or Beta favors new singles over new albums

on November 13, 2009, 3:00pm

Taking a cue from Radiohead (or not), VHS or Beta has hinted at the possibility that single-only releases may be in its future.

Speaking in a recent interview with Spinner, frontman Craig Pfunder revealed that the band now favors the concept of releasing just one song at a time as opposed to an entire album’s worth of material:

“[Singles] give us a lot freedom as to what type of songs we want to create,” Pfunder said. “It was giving us the opportunity to explore different sounds without committing to a full statement like for a record.”

These “different sounds are particularly evident on VHS or Beta’s newest single, “Feel It When You Know”. Released on November 3rd (and currently available for download via iTunes), features samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines where the band’s trademark guitar rock sound used to be present.

But that’s not the only thing different about the band these days. These also recently launched their own label, Chromosome Records, and plan on releasing the music of other artists as well Watch out… Vivian Girls and Hova!

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