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Watch: Pearl Jam closes out the Spectrum in style

on November 03, 2009, 9:05am

Pearl Jam is called (and accused of) many things by many people, but after the band’s Halloween gig at the Spectrum in Philadelphia this past Saturday (Oct. 31), which of course was to be last concert at the 42-year-old arena, no one can accuse them of not knowing how to throw a party.

It’s a well known fact that there’s many members of the Jamily that hang out at CoS, so here’s some news that’ll make you regret whatever you did on Halloween.

During the shindig, the mighty Seattle fivesome busted out such rarities as “Bugs”, “Sweet Lew”, and “Out of My Mind”. And it wouldn’t have been Halloween without some costumes. The band donned Devo outfits and treated the crowd to a racuous “Whip It.” All this was part of the 130 songs they played throughout the four-night stand. (100 different tunes). Yes, they’re that awesome

While you’re downloading these required bootlegs, check out a couple vids below.