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Check Out: Vampire Weekend’s “California English Pt. 2”

on December 05, 2009, 10:00am

Somebody should find out if Ezra Koenig sleeps on top of Merriam-Webster dictionaries every night, or if his hobby is just modern rhetoric. Reason being, he’s obsessed with the English language (at least, that’s what his song titles hint at). Anyways, if we’re not already psyched enough about next month’s release of Vampire Weekend‘s highly anticipated follow up, Contra, then we’re just going to have to throw a party or something.

The good news is that we have plenty of VW-related music for said fiesta. Along with the fun-filled “Cousins”, the sweeping “Horchata”, and those other live goodies, we now have another tune to add to the bag. B-side “California English Pt. 2” (the original will be on the forthcoming record) is the next thing to replay again and again. This one might wear thin on a few, though. It’s a little weird. There’s the Animal Collective-esque skips and finger-tapping beat, Koenig’s incessant call to California, and weird, “zoomy” synth stuff. Some might marvel at the different direction, others might scoff at the repetition. In other words, it’s a perfect B-side.

Do what you will with it, but if you’re free for the next month, we’ll be in the study hall, wearing our Polo best while digressing on how Miami’s the new place “to be.” Horchatas and white Russians welcome.