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Coheed and Cambria picks 2010 as Year of the Black Rainbow

on December 08, 2009, 10:05am

For your anticipation purposes, Coheed and Cambria will return next April with its fifth full-length effort and prequel to The Amory Wars storyline. Yeah, it’s kind of like one of those Star Wars deals.

Year of the Black Rainbow, as it will be called, was produced Atticus Ross (Nine Inch Nails) and Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age), who, according to band, “have helped us evolve our sound to be more powerful and dynamic than ever and we think it’s definitely our best work to date.” Song titles include “Here We are Juggernaut”, “The Broken”, “Pearl of the Stars”, and “Guns of Summer”.

The release, which will be handled by Columbia Records, will also available as a deluxe package. Said deluxe package includes a novel of the same name. “Not a graphic novel,” as the band points out, “but a full 300+page prose novel, which will tell the origins of Coheed and Cambria, and much more. There will be no mystery to this story, you will be able to explore it like never before.” Peter David co-wrote the novel with frontman Claudio Sanchez.

Pre-sales will start near the end of December, exact date and pricing to be announced soon. The band plans to support the release with a headline tour of the US before traveling to Europe and the U.K.

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