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Harmonix announces Green Day: Rock Band…

on December 14, 2009, 11:30am

Sorry kids, there will be no The Who: Rock Band, at least not right away. And no, it won’t be U2 that’s coming to your gaming console, either. Instead, you’re going to have to settle for Green Day: Rock Band. It’s okay, you can weep now… if you’d like.

Team XBox is reporting that MTV Games and Harmonix, the power duo behind The Beatles: Rock Band, announced the game at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards. Much like the wildly popular counterpart, the Green Day edition will “present Green Day’s music in a historical context to their careers and lives.” So far, the band couldn’t be more excited for the project.

“We’ve worked with the Rock Band team in the past year to enable our fans to play tracks from 21st Century Breakdown, and we’re excited to now be working on a game spanning our entire career,” Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong said in a statement announcing the deal. “We want people to fire this up, choose their favorite Green Day tracks and play along with us as ‘Rock Band’ avatars so they can feel what it’s like to perform on stage as Green Day.”

And if you can’t wait until then, Billie Joe Armstrong & Co. also revealed that three 21st Century Breakdown tracks (“Christian’s Inferno,” “Last of the American Girls”, and “¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)”) will be available to buy at the Rock Band store come December 15th.

As of now, Green Day: Rock Band is slated for a fall 2010 release.

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