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Lady Gaga transformed into comic book superheroine

on December 07, 2009, 11:30am

We know that most pop divas probably have a huge ego. But, in a move that can only make things worse for one Lady Gaga, Undercover is reporting that The Fame Monster queen is now becoming a larger-than-life (if she weren’t already) comic book superheroine.

The girl born Stephanie Germanotta has been transformed into Lady Saga by creator Brian Einersen, an artist who skews concepts of pop culture and high fashion. The character was created in June 2009 and the book has begun to be sold at Marc Jacobs stores in recent weeks. Like her real life inspiration, the character is nothing if unique

“She will still use her powers of wit and style,” Einersen told Undercover. “However, like every good superhero, she is looking for a sidekick. Lady Godiva, Lady Bug and Lady Britney have expressed interest in the role. Stay tuned!”

The book also makes a little satirical fun of fashion moguls like Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. The inspiration for the character came about as Einersen began to look toward cartoon images after years of working with the settings of high fashion.

“I have been drawing fashion designs for many years and, on occasion, cartoon characters,” Einersen writes on his official site. “This is how I thought of creating “Lady Saga”. This comic book character is artistic, in vogue and geared toward the world of fashion.”

Check out some images from the book here. Now we’re just waiting for Beyonce to be bitten by a radioactive spider and we’re all set.

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